We grew up in North Alabama, where we fell in love with nature and farming. It took us many years to finally realize our passion but the catalyst just so happened to be FUNGI!

We came across a lot of information online about Urban Farming and how mushrooms could literally save the world! (No seriously)

After a lot of research and a lot of time we started our Gourmet Mushroom Farm in Largo, FL. Which is a great fit because there are not very many local farms giving access to truly fresh produce.

We are very excited to be in this line of business & strive to achieve much more than just producing mushrooms. Another passion of ours is the environment. We hope to stay as green as possible. We recycle local agricultural waste products, like coffee grounds and sawdust, while taking advantage of re-usable containers for deliveries. We are currently working on finding the optimum growing containers to avoid producing waste by using polypropylene grow bags, which are widely used by commercial mushroom farmers. The spent mushroom blocks make excellent compost which we would be happy to donate to any local gardens. We want to be able to make a difference & hopefully encourage others to do the same. We would like to thank all of our current partners:

coffee grounds

  • tech daTA corpORATION


  • Weiss hardwoods

Thank you so much for stopping by,

Megan martinez & Monica may